Almost 40 years ago in the province of Huasco, heart of the Atacama Desert in northern Chile and under the clearest skies in the world, Huasco olive oil was born, a name whose meaning comes from the Quechua and Araucanian ancestors and is translated as “ River of gold”.

Through our long history we have become an oil of medium intensity, with a herbaceous aroma and a perfect harmony between bitter and spicy, which allows us to enhance all meals, transforming us into a Chilean product of recognition and excellence.

Master Blenders

The integrity and quality of the oil is what makes the difference between one and the other. The oil that a consumer buys and consumes today must be the same as the one consumed years ago, or the same as the one they will consume in years to come. It always offers the same sensory profile. This is why the Master Blenders exist, a highly qualified team of oil experts, called Oleologists.

National Tradition

Rio de Oro is the meaning given by the Quechua and Araucanian ancestors to the word HUASCO. Name of this traditional and noble Chilean product. Soft, fresh and elegant Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. With a fruity flavor of medium intensity. With golden tones, it has a herbaceous aroma with hints of green apple and fresh almonds. On the palate, this oil has a balanced structure; between bitter and spicy which allows to enhance all meals. Available in an elegant and traditional cylinder type bottle.

Maximum Acidity: 0.3% | Harvest Date: April to June | Harvest Method: Mechanical Harvest

Extraction Method: Continuous centrifugal extraction system | Region: Copiapó Valley, Atacama Region, Chile

Formats: 250ml, 500ml, 1Lt, Pet 1Lt, 2Lts and 5Lts